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Community Partnerships

The Office of Community Partnerships seeks to support community health needs by developing and fostering strategic partnerships focused on addressing health priorities in the community health improvement plan MAPP2Health (PDF). 

Community Health Grant Program

The Community Health Grant Program partners with local organizations to improve our community's health.

View the projects accepted for 2019 grant awards.

Learn about our criteria for funding.

What is the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign?

Annually, team members donate dollars to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC), earmarking funds for a variety of nonprofit organizations across the state. UVA contributions represent one of the single largest donations made by any organization in Central Virginia.

Community Health Grants
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We aim to meet the health needs of patients by investing in and partnering with charitable organizations that address the health needs of the community.

Grant Program
Event Kits
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Attending a local health fair or other community outreach event? Follow the link to order promotional items to use, display and/or give away at your community event. (PTAO required)

Get Supplies
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Allocating part of our paychecks to local nonprofits is just a start. Several team members serve as volunteers, board and committee members with many of these organizations.

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