Best Practices for UVA Participation at Community Events & Health Fairs

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As part of our commitment to partner to improve community health and well-being, we work with local groups on community events and health fairs in the greater Charlottesville area (Charlottesville city, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa and Nelson counties). 

Below are the best practices for UVA Health participation and representation at community events and health fairs. These best practices are designed to help you achieve your goals and make the best of your participation as a representative of UVA at community events. 

Request for Community Events and Health Fairs

Common Questions to Consider Before Committing to a Community Event:

  • What is the group or department’s goal in attending the community event? (e.g., is it marketing, networking, etc?)
  • What is the target audience you would like to work with at the event? (e.g., working-age adults, seniors, youth, parents, etc.)
  • Does this event align with our strategic mission?

Common Questions to Ask the Requesting Organization Before You Commit to a Community Event:

  • What is the goal of the community event?
  • What population will be served by the event?
  • What health need does this event address?
  • How many years has this event been going on?
  • In the past, what has the attendance been?
  • Have other UVA Health groups or departments been invited?
  • What other organizations will be there?
  • Is the event indoors or outdoors?
  • What time is set up?
  • What equipment will the requesting organization provide?

Advanced Preparation for Community Events and Health Fairs

  • Ensure that accurate, updated information is listed on the UVA Health event calendar.
  • All health education materials should be checked for literacy, language and accuracy, and should be culturally appropriate for the target audience. Avoid using materials that are more than three to five years old. Avoid using acronyms.
  • Coordinate with the Community Partnerships team to make sure you have UVA Health branded materials.

Health Screenings at Community Events

Community events should not be a substitute for comprehensive care from a healthcare provider. When planning to attend a community event to offer health screenings, consider the following:

  • Are there guidelines in place about who can participate in a health screening at the event?
  • Are there follow-up policies for any health screening participants who have a positive finding?
  • Is there a process for reporting health screening results back to the participant's healthcare provider or medical home?
  • Has shared decision-making been discussed, including the pros and cons of screening? For example, a screening test may result in a false-positive, resulting in additional follow-up care that may be at a cost to the participant. 

Attending Community Events

  • Remember that you are representing UVA Health. Dress appropriately for the event and wear your UVA ID.
  • If you have committed to attend an event, be sure to arrive on time and allow yourself plenty of time for setting up.
  • If you have to cancel, be sure that you do so in the most timely manner.
  • Make sure your table is inviting. Stand and greet participants as they walk-through. 
  • Create talking points and practice talking about them. Use a handout to provide more details.

After each event:

  • Confirm the number of attendees/screened participants. A short survey will be emailed to the attendee after the event.
  • Send a thank you to the community partner.