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Sinus Surgery Options at UVA

Learn more about balloon synoplasty.

When medications fail, these procedures may help heal nasal congestion, facial pressure and recurrent infections associated with chronic and even moderate sinusitis.

Balloon Sinuplasty™

During this procedure, we use a specially designed balloon to open up your sinus cavity; we then flush out the pus and mucus blocking the sinuses. Afterward, the sinuses remain open, relieving pressure while allowing for normal drainage.

Spencer Payne, MD, discusses balloon sinoplasty

How Sinuplasty Benefits You

This simple procedure:

  • Offers faster recovery time — you can return to your daily routine within an hour
  • Has less risk of scarring and infection
  • Can be done in the clinic
  • Requires no general anesthesia
  • Does not involve cutting tissue

At UVA, our sinus surgeons have extensive experience practicing Balloon Sinuplasty.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Unless your surgeon tells you otherwise, no incisions or cuts will be made on your face. We use small cameras, about the size of a pencil, that go through your nostrils and show the inside of your nose and sinuses on a large TV screen. We widen nasal openings using tools that remove small pieces of bone and tissue from the inside of the nose. 

About the Surgery

  • The procedure lasts between a few minutes to a few hours, depending on what needs to be done; you should plan for at least a half a day.
  • Anesthesia is required; you will feel groggy for a day or so afterward.
  • Most people have very little pain and use Tylenol to manage it.

At UVA, we only use small amounts of dissolvable foam to help the inside of your nose heal. We do not require painful gauze or packing in your nose.

You and your doctor can together choose the best treatment for you, depending on the nature of your condition.


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