Sinus & Nasal Disorders

Sinus headache. Sinus infection. Nasal obstructions. These problems can get worse with time and seem like they're never going away. At UVA, our specially trained providers focus solely on sinus & nasal disorders . Focusing on this part of the body gives them a unique perspective and unparalleled experience when dealing with nasal and sinus conditions.

These nationally recognized leaders in the field of nasal and sinus disorders (rhinology) continually conduct cutting-edge research. This means they can offer you access to the latest, state-of-the-art medical care.

In fact, we specialize in giving patients a second chance when prior treatments and surgeries have failed to provide relief.

Sinus & Nasal Disorders: Procedures with Less Pain

When we see you, we’ll evaluate if nasal sprays, special allergy pills or medicated rinses for your nose can help you avoid surgery. If not, our sinus & nasal disorders specialists offer minimally invasive procedures when possible. These types of treatments tend to reduce pain, recovery time and complications.

Regardless of what we find, we can offer you a wide range of interventions for your sinus infection, sinus headache, breathing issues. We’re dedicated to helping you find the best fit for you.

Collaboration of Experts

Our nose and sinus specialists work together with allergists, immunologists, neurosurgeons and eye experts to care for patients with complex or multiple sinus, nasal and asthma issues.

Together, we can tackle everything from smell and taste disorders to sinus and nose problems, including cancer, often with in-office procedures.

Conditions & Treatments

Expertise for the Unexpected

In the past, conventional wisdom pointed to a deviated septum as the sole reason for nasal obstruction. The usual fix: a septoplasty to correct the angle of the nose bone.

Recently, ENT specialists have discovered other causes of nasal obstructions. Both your lateral wall and nasal valve can collapse from weakness, narrowing your nose. This can bother you when you're breathing hard, like when exercising.

At UVA, we specialize in techniques to fix this type of nasal obstruction. We install small cartilage grafts into the side of the nose for support. These grafts allow your nose to open and give you the chance to breathe normally again.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?

Get a general idea of what you'll have to pay: Use calculators, see price lists, or ask for a personalized estimate.