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Gynecologic Cancer

Gynecological cancer threatens lives. You might also fear losing your sex life or your ability to have a baby. For some women, these worries can feel overwhelming.

Finding a gynecologic cancer program with experience can help. At UVA, we serve thousands of women. Our team performs hundreds of operations each year.

We offer surgeries with less recovery time and pain. These use smaller cuts and robotic technology. You get back to normal faster than normal.

The Latest Treatments for Gynecological Cancer

We have the latest treatment methods. We offer:

Testing & Clinical Trials

At UVA, you have the chance to join a clinical trial. We're always testing new drugs and methods. These studies give you access to the latest medicine. We research prevention, treatment, and survivors. We also research women at high risk for gynecological cancer.

Get Peer Support

The Cancer Peer Support Program connects survivors and current patients. Trained cancer survivors share their experiences and insights to help those going through treatment. We also welcome caregivers to participate.

Want to give or receive peer support? Fill out the peer support interest form.

Better Recovery After Surgery

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) guides care before, during, and after surgery. Following ERAS standards, we manage your fluid and energy for the best outcomes. A personalized pain management plan limits your opioid use. And we get you moving and eating sooner than usual.

With ERAS, you have:

  • Faster healing
  • A quicker return home
  • Fewer problems

Learn more about ERAS.