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UVA Audiology have licensed professionals with specialized training in how our ears work and how disorders of the ear affect hearing, balance, speech development and participation in everyday social activities.

We understand how conditions that affect hearing and balance relate to the overall picture of your health and well-being. So we collaborate with other care providers including doctors, surgeons, speech-language pathologists, teachers, as well as your family members to make sure we're understanding and treating the whole picture of your experience.

Audiology: We Hear You

We feel it's important for you to understand the nature of your problem, the diagnosis and all your treatment options. We take the time to answer your questions and walk you through what happens next.

Diagnostic Services & Evaluations

  • Auditory processing/listening tests
  • Cochlear implants (bone-anchored hearing implant)
  • Hearing aid fitting/repair
  • Tinnitus (ringing in ear/ear noise)
Man getting his hearing checked by an audiology specialist

Visit an Audiologist

We provide specialty evaluations for hearing, dizziness and balance problems, ear ringing and hearing implants. 

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