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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) improves blood circulation. HBOT increases your blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to your body’s cells. The high-pressure chamber helps drive oxygen into your damaged tissues.

How Does HBOT Work?

In the chamber, you’ll breathe in 100% oxygen. The chamber concentrates oxygen at three times higher than normal air. It creates an air pressure of 2-3 times normal atmospheric pressure. 

HBOT: When & How Long?

Treatment plans involve:

  • Daily sessions, Monday through Friday
  • Two-hour sessions
  • 20-50 sessions, depending on your diagnosis 

Conditions We Treat

  • Bone infections not healing from other care
  • Diabetic wounds of the legs/feet with an abscess or an infection
  • Gangrene
  • Physical trauma that has crushed and injured body parts
  • Progressing necrotizing infections
  • Radiation therapy damage to bone and/or tissue
  • Skin grafts and flaps with problems
  • Wounds related to peripheral artery disease

During HBOT Treatment

Most patients watch television, watch a DVD or nap while in the chamber. 

How Do Treatments Feel?

The treatment can affect your ears. This can feel like when you drive over a mountain or fly in a plane. It goes away when your ear drums adjust to the pressure in the chamber.

You could also experience temperature changes in the chamber. At the beginning of treatment, you may feel warmer. At the end of the session, the chamber cools.

We’ll help you prepare before the treatment starts. We’ll teach you to manage ear changes. And you’ll have blankets and water to help you stay comfortable.

Get a Referral for Oxygen Therapy

You or your provider can call us directly.

To get an appointment, you’ll need:

  • A diagnosis from your provider
  • An evaluation by our doctors to make sure you’re stable enough for treatment

You can also ask for an informational visit or tour.

Note: We don’t offer HBOT for an “off-label” diagnosis.