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Midlife Health

As you age into your 40s, things change. Your hormones shift. The effects can drain you of your energy. You can't lose weight as easily as you once could. You might wonder if you'll ever feel back to your old self again.

You don't just have to suffer through it. At UVA, we can help you manage the impacts to your physical, emotional and sexual health.  

Simple lifestyle routines, screenings and therapies can enhance your well being. Hormone therapies and antidepressant combinations can treat menopausal symptoms while preventing bone loss and cancer.

    About Our Midlife Health Clinic

    Sleep problems, weight gain, hot flashes, lack of libido: Menopause can feel overwhelming. Let us help you manage how menopause effects your life. View menopause transcript.

    How to Handle Stress & Menopause

    Our specialists can help you find ways, including hormone therapy (HT), to manage:

    One Woman's Experience With Yoga as Medicine

    In middle age, stress increases your risk for a number of issues, including sexual dysfunction. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing can help. These therapies can exercise your heart and provide relief for hot flashes.

    Yoga can also lower blood pressure. Read this woman's story of avoiding blood pressure medication through medical yoga.

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