Brain Aneurysm Treatment

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Facing brain surgery for an aneurysm is scary. You want to make sure you’re getting the safest care from top experts.

At UVA Health, we have the expertise and experience needed to offer all surgeries for brain aneurysms, including minimally invasive procedures you can’t get at any hospital. It takes a special team to perform these surgeries, starting with dual-trained neurovascular surgeons with expertise in both endovascular surgery and neurosurgery. With all surgical options available, our team can offer the best one for your individual situation.

Less-Invasive Brain Aneurysm Treatment

Minimally invasive or neurovascular treatments don't require opening the skull.


Using catheters, we deliver small, platinum coils into the aneurysm to close it off from the bloodstream so it won't open and bleed.

Learn about the benefits of minimally invasive coiling

Flow Diversion

To close the aneurysm, we place small, wire stents in the blood vessel, covering the opening of the aneurysm.

Intrasaccular Aneurysm Occlusion Device 

We use a mesh ball to stop blood from leaving the aneurysm. We typically use this procedure for:

  • Hard-to-treat aneurysms
  • Aneurysms that come back after other treatments

We're the first center in central Virginia to offer this treatment. This device can provide:

  • Shorter procedure times 
  • Lower recurrence rates (aneurysm is less likely to come back)

Surgical Clipping

This traditional method requires open surgery. We place a small, metal clip across the aneurysm to close it.

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