A prosthetic specialist holding a socket for a leg prosthetic on a patient's leg.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Whether it’s because of an injury, illness or simply how you’re made, our prosthetics and orthotics team is dedicated to helping you with your specific movement and cosmetic needs.

We recognize and honor that every situation is unique. Our P&O specialists can create personalized devices that help you have the fullest possible use of your arms, legs or any body part.

What are Prosthetic Devices?

Prosthetics are devices that replace the normal motion of a lost or absent body part. 

A prosthetic device is custom-designed and made to your specific needs. They can restore your appearance and functioning when you’re missing a critical part of you.

What are Orthotic Devices?

Whether it’s to help with healing or just daily movement, our bodies sometimes need extra support. Orthotics are braces that help with the comfortable and useful movement of your arms, legs or other parts of your body.

UVA’s Prosthetics and Orthotics team has the advanced experience, training and resources to provide you with a comfortable, custom-designed and custom-fitted device that gives you the stability and movement you need and look you desire.

More questions about P&O? Check out what to expect when you visit us.

    Devices We Offer


    Upper extremity (passive, body-powered and myoelectric)

    Lower extremity

    • Partial foot
    • Symes prosthesis
    • Below knee (transtibial)
    • Above Knee (transfemoral)
    • Hip disarticulation/hemipelvectomy

    Custom Orthotics


    Upper extremity

    • Wrist/hand
    • Elbow
    • Shoulder
    • Fracture orthoses

    Lower extremity

    • Foot
    • Ankle / foot
    • Knee / ankle / foot
    • Knee
    • Hip / knee / ankle / foot
    • Fracture orthoses

    Prefabricated Orthotics

    • Spine
    • Upper extremity
    • Lower extremity
    • Foot

    UVA's Prosthetic and Orthotics Team

    Our experienced P&O team creates custom braces, splints, inserts and artificial limbs for the looks and functioning you need. Comprehensive care includes multiple visits to ensure you've got the right fit and style. View P&O transcript.

    On-Site Fabrication Lab
    A prosthetic specialist filing a mold of a socket for a prosthetic device.

    We produce and develop devices with skill and precision. Design and fabrication happen at both the UVA Children’s Hospital and Townside locations, with prompt delivery to our Pantops location.

    Our clinics
    Children's P & O
    A orthotic specialist using a machine to shape a pediatric brace.

    From custom scoliosis braces and cranial helmets to replacement limbs, we are a leader in central Virginia in creating devices that fit your child’s needs. Our intensive follow-up program ensures your child’s device provides support as they grow.

    Our children's services
    Advanced Options
    A prosthetist working on the joint of a prosthetic device.

    UVA offers state-of-the-art prosthetic and orthotic options, such as microprocessor-controlled devices. These custom devices closely mimic the natural motion of the joint they replace.

    What to expect