i-limb Digits

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Prosthetic Fingers for Partial Hand Amputees

i-limb digits™ is a state-of-the-art prosthesis for partial hand amputees that is:

  • Custom-made for each patient and has fully articulated digits that bend, grip and point, so it closely resembles the function of a natural hand
  • A myoelectric device, which means it uses signals from the body to control functions

Eligibility for i-limb digits

i-limb digits is designed for patients who’ve lost between one and five fingers. We’ll do a comprehensive assessment to determine the best solution for you.

Advantages of i-limb digits

  • Partial hand amputees can regain the dexterity and confidence to once again perform everyday tasks.
  • Each prosthetic finger is powered by its own motor, so patients can more easily control movement for typing, using a telephone, pointing and more.
  • The i-limb digits prosthesis can be covered with LIVINGSKIN™, a silicone coating that is made to closely resemble your existing hand.

UVA: Your Link to Advanced Technology

UVA’s prosthetists are among the few in Virginia trained to evaluate and fit partial hand amputees with this innovative technology.

We’ve worked closely with the manufacturer so we know:

  • How the technology is fabricated to suit individual patients
  • How to help patients as they master the use of their new hand