After a Pancreas Transplant

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A pancreas transplant is a life-altering operation with potentially great benefits. But receiving a transplant also means a lifetime of medication, frequent follow-up visits and ongoing monitoring by nurses, surgeons and transplant nephrologists at UVA.

After the Transplant Procedure

After leaving the hospital, you’ll need to take any medication your doctor prescribes. You’ll also need to check your own vital signs daily, including:

  • Your temperature
  • Your weight
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your pulse 

Additionally, you’ll complete regularly scheduled routine lab tests located close to home:

  • From 0-3 months, twice per week
  • From 4-6 months, once per week
  • From 6-9 months, once every two weeks
  • Monthly thereafter

Follow-Up Care for Your Pancreas

Routine follow-up appointments are scheduled after a transplant. Although your transplant team remains focused on your good health, you now hold the key to success. Faithful adherence to medications and lab tests along with annual reviews at our clinic give the greatest level of assurance that the transplanted pancreas will continue to function.