Sleep Studies

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Before getting a sleep study, you need to meet with a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders.

Our doctors will ask questions about your sleep and general health and perform a physical exam.

If your doctor decides you need a sleep study, you'll need to spend one or more nights in one of our sleep labs.

How a Sleep Study Works

  • A specially trained technologist applies sensors to your head, face, chest, abdomen, torso and legs.
  • State-of-the-art equipment will monitor you while you sleep. your brain waves, eye movements, breathing, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and muscle activity during sleep. These functions can be normal while the individual is awake but abnormal during sleep.
  • Your referring physician  doctor will receive get a complete sleep report. This report defines and diagnoses your sleep-related problem and includes a recommended treatment plan.

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How Much Do Sleep Studies Cost?

Get a general idea of what you'll have to pay: Use calculators, see price lists, or ask for a personalized estimate.