Transgender Surgery FAQs

Is gender reassignment surgery safe?

Like all types of surgery, gender-confirmation procedures carry risk. That’s why we thoroughly evaluate your health before planning surgery. Our experienced team follows best practices when it comes to your safety.  

How common is gender reassignment surgery?

Gender reassignment (confirmation) surgery is more common in transgender men (42 to 54%) than transgender women (28%). Top (chest gender confirmation) surgery is performed approximately twice as often as bottom (genital) surgery. In studies that assessed transgender men and women as an aggregate, top surgery accounts for 8 to 25% and bottom surgery accounts for 4 to 13%. Review study details.

How long does it take to transition to another gender?

The length of your journey depends on your individual needs and choices. Along with surgical procedures, you might also have hormone therapy, voice therapy, and counseling. It’s up to you where to start and when you feel you’ve met your goals.

Can breasts grow back after top surgery?

Removed breast tissue doesn’t grow back. We do leave some fat behind to create natural-looking chest contours. While this fat can enlarge like fat anywhere on the body, it likely will not take on a feminine appearance.