Do I Qualify for Financial Assistance?

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Every patient has unique financial needs. We look at many things when deciding how much aid you qualify for.

If you need help paying your medical bills, our team will guide you through the financial aid process. We'll work with you to get you as much help as possible.

We use a sliding scale based on:

  • Assets - the total value of what you own, including bank and retirement accounts, home, car, etc.
  • Income - how much money you make a year
  • Number of people in your household

How Much Help Can I Get?

If your household income is listed below and your assets are less than $50,000, you may qualify for financial aid. When calculating your assets, we won't include the value of your home, your car, or up to 3.99 acres of land.

Number of People in Household Household Income for 100% Discount Household Income for Partial Discount
1 $0 - $30,121 $30,122 - $60,240
2 $0 - $40,880 $40,881 - $81,760
3 $0 - $51,640 $51,641 - $103,280
4 $0 - $62,400 $62,401 - $124,801
5 $0 - $73,160 $73,160 - $146,320
6 $0 - $83,920 $83,921 - $167,841
7 $0 - $94,680 $94,681 - $189,360
8 $0 - $105,440 $105,441 - $210,880

If You Don’t Have Health Insurance

  • You qualify for a full discount if your assets are less than $50,000 and your income falls within the 100% column above.
  • You’ll qualify for some discount on hospital services, depending on your income and assets.
  • If you received emergency care, you may qualify for special financial aid.

If You Do Have Insurance

Anything you owe after insurance might qualify for a discount.


Call 866.320.9659.

Apply for Aid

Print an application in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF). We can also mail you an application.

You must complete the entire application and submit all required documents.

To learn more about the process, read our financial aid policy.

Am I Eligible?

To see if you're eligible for help, use this financial aid calculator.

Contact us with specific questions or if you'd like to discuss your eligibility.