Financial Assistance Policy

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Patient Financial Services

Medical Center Policy and Procedure No.: L7031

Governmental and Non-Governmental Assistance

Effective date: 7/1/2008; Revised: 10/4/2006, 11/9/2009; Review 12/3/2018 

It is the policy of the University of Virginia Health System, Patient Financial Services to assist uninsured and/or underinsured patients free of charge in obtaining governmental and/or non-governmental financial assistance to help cover their expenses for necessary medical care.


  1. Governmental Assistance Program - Administrative Manager
    • Assure appropriate staffing and cost effective processes are in place to identify and assist potentially eligible patients (inpatients and targeted outpatient areas) with obtaining governmental assistance through one of the following programs.  This assistance will be provided at no charge to patients, irrespective of whether any vendors we have partnered with charge us for the same:
      1. Medicaid
      2. Victims of Crime
    • Maintain records and/or databases of patients assessed through the processes and analyze data for additional cost effective opportunities to assist or facilitate the processes.


  1. Non-Governmental Financial Assistance Program - Administrative Manager
    • Assure yearly approval by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) and implementation of the Guidelines for the Determination of Eligibility of Indigent and Medically Indigent Persons for Healthcare Services at the State University Teaching Hospitals.    
    • Assure appropriate staffing and cost effective processes are in place to efficiently and thoroughly assess patients’ eligibility for assistance under these guidelines.  
    • Assure communication of any updates to these guidelines, which have both income and asset requirements, to Patient Access in order to permit changes to the initial eligibility screening conducted during the course of registering/scheduling potentially eligible patients.
    • Maintain records, including imaged documentation, sufficient to comply with state and federal auditing requirements.


  1. Questions - Financial Verification Customer Service Unit    
    • Questions from staff members or patients regarding potential eligibility for financial assistance, or pending applications, should be directed to the Financial Verification Customer Service Unit at 1.866.320.9659 (toll free) or, locally, 434.924.8718.