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Blood Disorders

Non-cancerous blood disorders impact your life on a daily basis. You might not have cancer, but diseases like hemophilia and sickle cell can cause a lot of pain. They need constant attention and ongoing treatment.

We're here to provide top-level care. We have expertise in diagnosing, evaluating, treating and managing these chronic, serious conditions. 

Living With a Blood Disorder

Events like pregnancy, menopause, and aging might change your medical needs. You can count on us to track how you're doing. We'll adjust your treatment to help reduce pain, exhaustion and risk. 

Research for Rare Blood Disorders

If you have a rare blood disorder, you'll need more than basic medicine. At UVA, we have people who specialize in identifying rare diseases. You can also join clinical trials. Our research gives you access to the latest treatments and therapies available. 

Treatment for Non-Cancerous Blood Disorders

A range of treatment options exist for non-cancerous blood disorders. Treatments include blood transfusions, infusion therapy, medications, and surgeries. These can help reduce symptoms and give you fresh energy.

Sometimes, people with non-cancerous blood disorders qualify for a bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant replaces diseased blood cells with healthy stem cells. Stem cells then grow new blood cells.

Learn more about the benefits of bone marrow stem cell transplant.