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Blood Disorders

UVA Cancer Center has a team of dedicated physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of non-cancerous (benign) blood disorders, including those that are secondary to hematologic or other cancers. Our hematopathologists are experts in identifying rare and complex diseases of the blood, and our benign hematology physicians and nurses offer superior care for patients in whom blood disorders have been diagnosed.

Advanced Care for Blood, Bleeding & Clotting Disorders

UVA Cancer Center's benign hematology team offers expertise in diagnosing, evaluating, treating and managing a wide variety of blood disorders. We conduct research to better understand hematologic disease and offer clinical trials that are designed to advance how we treat blood disorders. 

Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments

Hematopathologists and hematologists at UVA Cancer Center specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of non-cancerous (benign) blood, bleeding and clotting disorders, including anemia, platelet disorders, myeloproliferative disorders and more. With clinical services combined with research initiatives aimed at bleeding disorders and advancing treatment options, UVA is the best hospital in the region for top-level care and access to clinical trials.

A Focus on Disease Management

Blood disorders are chronic, serious conditions that require long-term management. UVA offers the well-rounded care that patients with these conditions need, especially through life events such as pregnancy and other physical changes that require close monitoring and regular treatment adjustments.

For Patients with Advanced Disease

Stem cell transplants are a treatment option for patients with high-risk and life-threatening blood disorders. UVA Cancer Center's Stem Cell Transplant Program is open to patients with cancerous and non-cancerous blood diseases.