Community Health UVA Partnership

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Our Vision

The Community Health UVA Partnership strives to make our community a place where everyone is healthy and safe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the trust between community service leaders (both within and outside of UVA) and UVA Health and to form partnerships with them to address MAPP2Health priorities through coordination, communication, sustainable outreach, and resource stewardship in Virginia’s Planning District 10.

Our Goals

The Community Health UVA Partnership was convened to bring together UVA Health leaders offering programs and services in the surrounding communities outside of standard healthcare delivery. To that end, we administer the Community Health Grant Program, which aims to meet the health needs of current and future patients by investing in and partnering with community health organizations.

The group’s highest goal is to work towards building consensus by identifying and exploring the interests of all involved parties and working together toward an outcome that addresses those interests as much as possible.

The coalition will serve as a major forum and network for community service leaders to increase the impact on community health needs as identified in the MAPP2Health.