Pastoral Education International Students

Phone Number
Call 434.924.2642

Application Requirements

All prospective international exchange students must:

  • Complete the ACPE application
  • Provide all written materials, transcripts and other documents in English
  • Send the $50 non-refundable processing fee in American funds as checks and money orders (credit cards not accepted)
  • International students living in the United States with Resident Alien status must provide a copy of their immigration registration card and any other relevant documents such as work permits, green cards, etc.
  • International students with Non-Resident Alien status should apply at least nine months prior to the start of their desired program to allow time for visa processing. 

Visa Information

Non-Resident Aliens Applying for Summer and Extended Units of CPE

Non-resident aliens ordinarily apply for the J-I Visa after they have been accepted into the summer or extended programs. Once accepted, the student should contact the national Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. office (email or call 404.320.1472) to apply for a visa. This visa process can take from 6 to 9 months to complete and must be obtained before starting CPE. Please remember that it is the summer/extended CPE student’s responsibility to coordinate their visa with the ACPE office. Note: If a non-resident alien currently has a multiple entry visa or some other current U.S. entry or immigration document, a copy should be provided at the time of application.

Non-Resident Aliens Applying for CPE Residency

Non-resident aliens normally apply for a J-1 Visa after being accepted into the UVA Health CPE Residency program. J-1 visa applications are coordinated by a UVA visa officer. (The Chaplaincy Department serves as a liaison between the visa officer and the applicant.) Please note: Non-resident aliens selected for CPE Residency should plan on arriving in Charlottesville no less than one month before the program begins.

Interview Information

  • Applicants for summer and extended programs must be interviewed by someone who meets ACPE standards. The interview is best conducted by a UVA Health ACPE-certified supervisor; however, it may take place with another qualified interviewer. In cases where the interview is conducted by someone other than a UVA supervisor, the applicant must send an interview report to the UVA supervisor and arrange to have a telephone interview with the UVA supervisor.
  • All applicants for CPE residencies and supervisory CPE must have a personal interview with the ACPE certified supervisors at UVA. For non-resident internationals, a teleconference or other alternative interview procedure may be established, but a direct personal interview is preferable.

Living Details & Further Requirements

  • We do not offer a stipend/salary for summer or extended units. We do offer stipends to CPE residents.
  • We do not offer housing for CPE students. Visit the Blue Ridge Apartment Council or the UVA Housing Division for housing options.
  • Other requirements for international students may apply. For example, the TOEFL examination is required for anyone who is a non-resident alien and speaks English as a second language.