Pastoral Education Summer Internship

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Phone Number
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Important Dates

This internship runs June — August and constitutes 1 unit.
Application Deadline: January 31

Who Can Apply?

We've designed this full-time program for theological students. Other individuals, such as parish clergy and interested lay persons, may be accepted for the program and are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have graduated from high school. A college degree and completion of at least one year of theological education or its equivalent is preferable.

Program Goals & Methods

This program challenges students to learn something about themselves as persons and pastors and to become acquainted with patients and their families in the environment of the medical center, dealing with illness, injury, fear, anxiety, grief and threat of death and other loss. Students also learn about the relationships between various illnesses and other crises and persons' beliefs and behaviors. They also gain knowledge about related, non-pastoral specialties.


To achieve these objectives, the program employs supervised pastoral work, seminars, lectures, conferences, guided reading and study. We emphasize the formation of pastoral identity and learning pastoral reflection so that pastoral relationships will be supportive and helpful. The program also addressed the development of specific skills in ministry. 


  • $700 tuition per quarter
  • $50 non-refundable processing fee
  • $125 tuition deposit required with program acceptance letter; remaining balance due at the start of the program
  • Other fees for lab coats, parking passes, books

Positions are offered on a space available basis. We encourage you to call to check on space availability before submitting your application.