patient receiving dialysis


Our team includes nephrologists, nurses, patient care technicians, certified dietitians and social workers. Together, we focus on providing you with the best possible care available.

Why Choose UVA?

  • We have the largest academic hemodialysis program in the country, giving us a unique depth of expertise that few centers can match. 
  • With dialysis locations throughout Central Virginia, we make it easy for you to get the care you need.
  • Our active participation in research and clinical trials gives you access to new devices and peritoneal dialysis solutions that are not widely available. 
  • We adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.
  • We offer transitional care for patients new to dialysis that helps them understand their disease and options for treatment (UVA is a pioneer in offering this type of service, which is currently only available in about 40 units across the US).

We offer different types of dialysis to fit your needs, including:

Is Dialysis Right for Me?

If your kidney function is declining and other treatments, such as medications and lifestyle changes, aren't working, dialysis can offer life-saving care.

 You may benefit from dialysis if you:

  • Have advanced CKD and are approaching kidney failure
  • Are open to making lifestyle changes, including changes to your diet and staying physically active through regular exercise
  • Can tolerate the physical demands of dialysis, such as sitting in a chair for long periods of time (in-center hemodialysis only) or having a catheter surgically attached to your abdomen (peritoneal dialysis only)
  • Are able to take care of yourself between treatments, either on your own or with the help of a friend or family member
  • Don't have other life-limiting illnesses, such as heart failure or lung cancer
  • Are ineligible for a kidney transplant, or are eligible and are waiting for a donor kidney

Get Support You Need

We want your dialysis to be as successful as possible, which is why we help solve problems that could get in the way of your treatment, like:

  • Transportation — If you need help getting to and from one of our units, our social workers will let you know if transportation services are available in your area.
  • Health insurance — Dialysis is expensive. Fortunately, health insurance can cover most of your costs. We help you understand your current coverage and if you're eligible for additional benefits through Medicare or the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services.
  • Nutrition — Our team of dietitians has additional training in meeting the unique needs of dialysis patients. We can help you find kidney-friendly foods you enjoy eating.
  • Adapting your work or school schedule — Many people on dialysis are able to keep working or attending school. We help you set realistic expectations as you adjust to the physical demands and routine of dialysis.

Enlist your family, friends and others to help you manage your emotions throughout your care. At UVA, we provide resources through every step of the process:

  • We pair you up with a peer mentor, a fellow dialysis patient, so you have a friend who has been in your shoes. Peer mentors offer advice and encouragement as you adjust to life on dialysis.
  • Our social workers offer an understanding ear and helpful recommendations for anything that is troubling you. They can also connect you with helpful community resources.
  • Our spiritual support (chaplaincy) program provides spiritual care and understanding to people of all faiths.