patient receiving dialysis


COVID-19 Service Changes
Dialysis services continue, with safety measures in place.

Managing your kidney disease and dialysis treatments can be exhausting. You want to find a way to manage your disease, so it doesn't manage you. We're here to make your experience as easy and safe as we can.

As one of the largest academic dialysis programs in the country, we have a unique depth of expertise that few centers can match. Our team includes nephrologists, nurses, patient care technicians, certified dietitians and social workers. Together, we focus on providing you with the best possible care available. 

Is Dialysis Right for Me?

If your kidney function is declining and other treatments, such as medications and lifestyle changes, aren't working, dialysis can offer life-saving care.

 You may benefit from dialysis if you:

  • Have advanced CKD and are approaching kidney failure
  • Are open to making lifestyle changes, including changes to your diet and staying physically active through regular exercise
  • Can tolerate the physical demands of dialysis, such as sitting in a chair for long periods of time (in-center hemodialysis only) or having a catheter surgically attached to your abdomen (peritoneal dialysis only)
  • Are able to take care of yourself between treatments, either on your own or with the help of a friend or family member
  • Don't have other life-limiting illnesses, such as heart failure or lung cancer
  • Are ineligible for a kidney transplant, or are eligible and are waiting for a donor's kidney

The Right Dialysis for You

We offer different types of dialysis to fit your needs, including:

In-Center or Home Dialysis

Managing your kidney disease and treatment can be overwhelming, so finding the right type of dialysis for you is important. UVA Health offers two different types of dialysis, home or in-center. View dialysis transcript.