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Kidney Transplant

A kidney has 24-48 hours to be transplanted. It's a small, critical window of time that requires teams of experts ready to do their part to make the transplant happen.

At UVA Transplant Center, we've been doing kidney transplants for over 40 years. From our surgeons to our transplant coordinators, you will find team members whose experience in the field and working together gives you the best chance for a successful kidney transplant.

Our team was honored in 2015, with the National Kidney Registry Excellence in Teamwork Award.

If you have advanced renal disease, we know this has been a long, hard road for you. We're here to help you explore your options and find the treatment that best fits you. 

Paired Donor Exchange: A Way Forward

Paired donor exchange can involve a number of people across the country. The ultimate goal was to find Veronica a healthy kidney, and that’s exactly what happened. View kidney transplant transcript.

Dual Kidney Transplant: Special Options

We offer two types of dual kidney transplants at UVA: donations of 2 kidneys at once and donations from infants. These options expand the number of kidneys we have available for transplant. Learn more about dual kidney transplants.

Living Donation Benefits

A kidney for transplant may come from a living or deceased donor. Living donors are often family members or close friends. The benefits of living donation include:

  • A shorter waiting time 
  • The ability to schedule surgery to accommodate the needs of the recipient and donor
  • A kidney from a living donor will likely function longer than one from a deceased donor

Find out about what's involved with a living kidney donation.