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For Healthcare Providers: Refer a Patient

You can refer a patient using the online referral form.

You can also call 800.552.3723 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to:

  • Schedule a consult or appointment
  • Follow up on a patient
  • Obtain test results
  • Connect to a physician liaison
  • Order UVA Physician directories
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UVA Transfer Center

For all inpatient and emergency transfers, call 844.XFERUVA (844.933.7882). The UVA Transfer Center handles patient transport logistics; let us help you.

Transfer a Patient
Online Access to UVA
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EpicCare offers an online, HIPAA-compliant a way to refer patients, follow up, see lab results, more.

Access EpicCare
Research & Treatment News
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Read up on the latest treatments, research, and other news you need.

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Professional Education
the education resource center at UVA

Providers of all kinds can earn CME credits with conferences, seminars, and online resources.

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Physician Resource

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