Specialized Referrals & Contacts

General Referrals
Phone Number
Call 800.552.3723

Most referrals can be made online. Some services need specialty forms sent by fax.

General Referrals

You can refer a patient (adult or pediatric) using the online referral form.

You can also call UVA Physician Direct at 800.552.3723 24/7.

Specialty Forms for Referrals

A few services require additional information. Refer your patient for:

Find a Doctor: Use the App

Download the UVA Doctors app for faster access. Search our online directory, access our support team, make referrals, and more. You can get the free app on both Apple (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store).

Important Phone Numbers


A woman connects with a UVA doctor via telemedicine video appointment.

Telemedicine: Virtual Appointments With Specialists

If your patients can't make it to Charlottesville to see us in person, telemedicine allows us to have a virtual appointment. We also have special consults and forums for healthcare providers. 

See Our Telemedicine Services