Specialized Referrals & Contacts

General Referrals

Most referrals can be made online. Some services need specialty forms sent by fax.

General Referrals

You can refer a patient (adult or pediatric) using the online referral form.

Specialty Forms for Referrals

A few services require additional information. Refer your patient for:

Referring COVID-19 Patients for Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Infusion Therapy

mAb Infusion therapy is offered in the UVA COVID-19 Clinic under FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms for fewer than 10 days who are at risk for progressing to severe disease and hospitalization.

To refer a patient:

1.   Complete all sections of this referral form (PDF).
2.   Submit the referral form by fax to 434.243.9800.

Our team will then review the referral, and, if approved for infusion, we will contact the patient to coordinate services.

Important Phone Numbers


A woman connects with a UVA doctor via telemedicine video appointment.

Telemedicine: Virtual Appointments With Specialists

If your patients can't make it to Charlottesville to see us in person, telemedicine allows us to have a virtual appointment. We also have special consults and forums for healthcare providers. 

See Our Telemedicine Services