Physician Relations: A Resource for Doctors

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Our physician relations team connects referring physicians and other healthcare providers to UVA services and resources.

How We Support You

Whether you are referring a patient, checking up on a patient's status, needing information about treatments, or experiencing a problem, you can call on our experienced team for support.

Each team member, or physician liaison, offers:

  • In-person and remote visits
  • Set up and training for EpicCare
  • Introductions to new UVA faculty and services
  • Help with patient access
  • Networking events
  • Print resources and publications
  • Response to and resolution of your concerns and more
liz nottingham

Liz Nottingham

Manager, Physician Relations



Liz manages the physician relations team. Since 2002, she's fostered long-standing connections between community physicians and UVA faculty. Liz serves as a resource for concerns and questions.

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Margaret Bain

Physician Liaison, Northern Virginia 



Margaret serves as a liaison in the northern Virginia area. Since 2018, she has engaged community providers and developed productive relationships.

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Amy Cash

Amy Cash

Physician Liaison, Central and Southern Virginia



Amy covers the south and local regions of Virginia. Since 2011, she's created loyal and sustaining physician referral relationships by serving as a direct connection between UVA and community physicians.

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Jamie Meyerhoeffer

Jamie Meyerhoeffer

Physician Liaison, Tidewater



Jamie's outreach efforts focus on the Tidewater region and the eastern part of Virginia. Since 2014, he's facilitated collaborations and partnerships between community providers and UVA faculty.

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