Home Healthcare Insurance & Payments

Coverage for home care services depends on who is paying for the service: Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or out of pocket.

Normally, to receive home care services:

  • The patient must be homebound, which means they leave home infrequently except for medical reasons and when he or she does so, it requires a great deal of effort and usually with the assistance of someone else.
  • The patient would require periodic or intermittent care, not continuous care throughout the day. Typically, this care would not be required every day.
  • Care must be provided under a doctor's order.
  • Care must be medically necessary.


Working with a variety of payors is essential for successful use of home care services. Continuum Home Health Care works with many payors. 


Continuum is certified by the federal government to participate in the Medicare program. This program pays for home care services for Medicare-eligible patients who meet Medicare criteria.

Get specific documentation about Medicare and home health.


Continuum participates in Virginia's Medicaid program. There are many different Medicaid programs. These include the traditional programs that support the care needs of those patients meeting Medicaid eligibility criteria.

Commercial Insurance/Managed Care/Third Party Administrators

Continuum works with most commercial payors. You may wish to contact your insurance company and request that Continuum be chosen as the agency of choice. We can work with your insurance agency to be sure you get the services you need. 

Workers' Compensation

We work with claims managers, case managers and physicians to provide care that promotes returning to work and the best use of home care services to ensure good outcomes and satisfaction.


We work with patients, families and financial advisers to provide home care services on a self-pay basis. Please contact us if you need to work out a payment plan so we can provide your needed services. 

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