Refer a Patient for Interventional Radiology

Refer a Patient

You can refer patients to any of these outpatient interventional radiology services, organized by referring physician specialty.

Internal & Family Medicine

  • Acute deep venous thrombosis or chronic venous disease causing leg swelling 

  • Celiac block for chronic abdominal pain

  • Tenex for fascitis, particularly elbow, ankle, and feet

  • Treatments for lower extremity arterial occlusive disease

  • Treatments for varicose veins and chronic leg swelling

Emergency Medicine

  • DVT thrombolysis

  • Embolization for hemorrhage from liver, spleen, kidney, pelvis, or extremities

  • Embolization for upper and lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage

  • Member of the UVA acute mesenteric ischemia management team

  • Member of the UVA aortic alert team (trauma, dissection, or ruptured aneurysm)

  • Member of the UVA pulmonary embolism alert team providing rapid PE treatment


  • Comprehensive portal hypertension symptom management including using transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS), balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration (BRTO), and portal vein recanalization

  • Liver cancer treatment (TRACE, Y90, ablation)

  • Liver cyst Management

  • Percutaneous cholangiography for biliary obstruction or bile leak

  • Treatment of acute and chronic mesenteric ischemia with percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA), stent, drug-coated balloon (DCB), drug-eluting stents


  • Gonadal vein embolization for pelvic congestion syndrome 

  • Uterine artery embolization and HI-FU for uterine fibroids


  • Central line placement and management 

  • Fistula creation using WaveLinQ 

  • Treatment of existing AV Fistula problems including poor flow rates, high pressures, thrombosis, or prolonged bleeding 


  • Local treatment of liver cancer and liver-only metastases (colon, melanoma, and carcinoid). Treatments include ablation, chemoembolization and radioembolization (Yttrium 90). These therapies do not interfere with chemotherapy.

  • Venous access (tunneled lines, ports) and peritoneal port placement


  • Ablation and fixation for inoperable bone metastasis pain

  • Embolization of frozen shoulder and knee inflammation due to osteoarthritis

  • Embolization for pre-operative tumor devascularization 

  • Embolization for refractory hemarthrosis


  • Lymphatic disorder diagnosis and treatment

  • Pulmonary AVM clinic

  • Vascular malformation diagnosis and management using embolization


  • Diagnosis and treatment for lower extremity venous skin changes or ulcers 

  • Diagnosis and treatment  for suspected critical limb ischemia (CLI)

  • Tenex for plantar fasciitis 


  • Biopsy and ablative therapies for renal cell carcinoma 

  • Embolization for recurrent male varicoceles

  • Percutaneous nephrostomy and nephroureteral stent placement, conversion of nephrostomy to a double J stent, and removal of double J stents

  • Prostate artery embolization (PAE) for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)