Understanding Radiology

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Find answers to your concerns about the safety of radiological exams.

X-ray Safety

Your safety is our top priority, so:

  • For exams that require radiation, we use the lowest radiation dose possible to achieve quality images. 
  • We work with equipment and techniques developed to decrease the total amount of radiation produced by an exam. 
  • Unlike many other hospitals, we have our own in-house, licensed state inspectors who regularly monitor and test all radiation-producing equipment to ensure patient and staff safety.

X-rays become safer all the time; for example, modern mammography equipment, operated by trained technologists, delivers 1/40th the amount of radiation used 20 years ago.

Claustrophobia & Scans

If you have claustrophobia and need an MRI or CT scan, tell your primary care provider. You may require a prescription medication to help calm you before the scan.

Medical Implant Risks

Some implants can pose a health risk with certain scans, especially MRIs. If you have any medical implants or foreign metal objects in your body, it is important to inform your physician prior to the exam. 

The Roles of the Radiology Team

That will depend on the type of study you are having. 

Diagnostic Exams

A registered radiology technologist will perform and monitor your diagnostic exam. The technologist is specially trained on how best to position you during the scan to ensure a high-quality image. If an intravenous contrast agent is used, a nurse will administer the injection.

Imaging Procedures

Minimally-invasive interventional procedures will be performed by a specialized interventional radiologist, with the help of a radiology technologist. A nurse will also be part of the team if contrast or sedation is required.

Reading & Interpreting Scans

Your images will be read by a board-certified radiologist physician (an MD) who specializes in the area of the body requiring examination.

All of our radiologists have advanced training, a specialized focus that equates to more accurate reports and higher detection rates. You can be certain that your scans will be interpreted by some of the best radiologists in the country.

Getting Imaging Results

Copies of Your Scans for Yourself

You will be asked to complete an Authorization for Release of Medical Information form. Should you wish to arrange for your images to be mailed to you or to your physician's office, please call the department at the number listed above.

Scan Results for Your Doctor

We read all scans the same day they are done. Once read, a final report will either be sent to your referring physician.