VenaSeal Varicose Vein Treatment

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VenaSeal gives you fast, effective relief from varicose veins. This minimally-invasive, outpatient procedure offers a more comfortable experience and less recovery time.

Compressed vein illustration

How VenaSeal Works

VenaSeal uses a medical glue to close affected veins. This special glue holds the walls of the vein together, stopping and then redirecting the blood flow to healthy veins. With time, your body will absorb the inactive veins, and they will disappear.

Since varicose veins don’t always appear on the skin’s surface, we’ll use ultrasound to both map the veins needing treatment and to guide the procedure itself. Your doctor will use a catheter to apply the medical glue.

VenaSeal Advantages

Compared to other procedures that treat varicose veins through surgical removal or cauterization (burning), VenaSeal entails:

  • Just one needle prick – You’ll only need a local anesthetic and one needle prick for the doctor to access your veins with a catheter.
  • No discomfort – because VenaSeal uses glue, not heat or lasers, you won’t feel the burning or pain that usually comes with varicose vein treatment.
  • Reduced recovery time – You can return to normal activity just one day after treatment.
  • No compression socks – The use of glue means your body doesn’t have the same healing needs after your treatment.

Renew Your Legs

We’re currently the only hospital in the area offering VenaSeal. We have several locations and expert providers to choose from.

Covered by Medicare and Medicaid, you can achieve pain-free, irritation-free legs with ease and fewer side effects with VenaSeal.

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