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Transplant & Coronavirus
See the latest updates about the virus and your care.

As the only comprehensive transplant center in Virginia, UVA Health is dedicated to excellence in transplant and innovative scientific discovery. And we're committed to embracing patients and families in a collaborative partnership, striving to inspire hope in the people we care for.

Do you still need to wear a mask? See the answer to this and other questions about how to stay safe from COVID-19 as a transplant patient.

Why Choose UVA for Your Transplant

For Steve, the answer is clear. The UVA team gave him a chance to live the rest of his life. View transplant story transcript.

Why Choose UVA for Your Transplant

High-Quality Outcomes. The data shows how our transplant success rates measure up to national averages. See for yourself how we stack up.

Ongoing Support. Our transplant coordinators work closely with you to navigate the process and figure out logistics. Along with our comprehensive team of trained specialists, we're with you, every step of the way.

More Experience. We have the most experienced transplant center in Virginia — we've been performing transplants for over 50 years. We've transplanted more than 7,000 patients. Our medical and surgical teams come to us with years of specialty training focused entirely on transplant. 

A Robust Living Donor Program. Our intense commitment to finding and caring for living kidney and liver donors extends beyond the high-tech and personalized medical care we provide. Learn more about living donations.