VATS Surgery for Lung Tumor Removal

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A lobectomy involves removing part of your lung to treat lung cancer. With video-assisted thoracic surgery, or VATS surgery, we can remove lung tissue with a few, small cuts. This alternative to opening up your chest for surgery means:

  • Faster recovery
  • Less pain

Open surgery and VATS are both effective procedures. But VATS causes less discomfort.

How VATS Surgery Works

During this procedure, the surgeon makes two or three small incisions, none larger than 5 cm. Then, we insert a tiny camera (called a thorascope) into your chest. This camera transmits images to a video screen. The surgical team uses these images to guide them through the procedure.

We have one of the most experience hospitals in performing VATS in the region.

Candidates for VATS

VATS could be an option for you if you have:

We can also use VATS for selected patients with Stage IIA lung cancer. Also, you can have VATS even if you've already had chest surgery, including lung or heart surgery.