TomoTherapy treats cancer with radiation. Unlike standard radiation, this type targets each individual tumor. The radiation doesn't hit or hurt your healthy cells. This makes TomoTherapy both effective and safe. 

TomoTherapy at UVA

We've been offering TomoTherapy for a long time. We're one of the first in the country to offer the latest version of TomoTherapy: TomoHD™. This is one of the world's most advanced lung cancer treatments.

How TomoHD Works

TomoHD allows us to create a plan tailored to your unique case. It also means treatment that's precise and without pain.

TomoHD can target a tumor in two different ways: Helical and direct.

In helical mode, radiation beams move 360 degrees around you. The beams fits the exact size and shape of your tumor. The radiation kills the tumor. But it doesn't touch the healthy tissue nearby.

We can also beam radiation directly at each tumor. This mode uses a beam that doesn't move. But it focuses radiation at precise angles.

Treatment While You Breathe

Your lungs move as you breathe. This can make it difficult to target tumors because they don't stay still. But with TomoHD, we can treat body parts that move. This increases our ability to get to the cancer in your lungs. Not all technologies can do this.

Two Locations to Get TomoTherapy

You can get TomoHD at these locations: