Penile Reconstruction

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With penile and urethral reconstruction, we repair abnormalities and diseases of the penis and the urinary tract. If necessary, we'll do multiple procedures at the same time.

At UVA Health, you'll find urology specialists highly skilled in all types of penile surgeries. We use advanced techniques to make surgery effective and recovery as easy as possible for you. 

You may need penile reconstruction for:

Penile Reconstruction: Why?

Your doctor may recommend a penile implant or other penile reconstruction treatment for:

  • Erectile dysfunction or ED (difficulty maintaining an erection)
  • Peyronie's disease (a bent or curved penis)
  • Swelling of the penis (poor lymphatic drainage)
  • Scar tissue on the outside of the penis or in the urine channel
  • Hidden penis, a condition where excess fat and tissue hide the penis or make it appear shorter

Penile Reconstruction: What to Expect?

Some reconstruction procedures require you to stay in the hospital for a day or two afterwards. You may have stitches, which will dissolve within two weeks. Talk to your doctor about your recovery and any possible complications.

You may return to work when you feel comfortable, but avoid: 

  • Lifting more than 20 pounds for four weeks 
  • Extended walking and running 

You may experience mild pain, swelling and minor bleeding after your procedure. You can treat these by:

  • Wearing a jock strap or tight underwear
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medication. Your doctor may also prescribe pain medication. 
  • Using an ice pack
  • Avoiding sex until you are completely recovered
  • Wearing gauze pads over your dressing or bandages
  • Soaking in water up to your hips beginning 7-10 days after your procedure

Complications to Watch For

Call your doctor if you have:

  • Severe swelling 
  • Excessive fluid drainage (soaking several pads per day)
  • Increased pain, redness or tenderness
  • Pus draining from incisions
  • A fever greater than 101 degrees


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