Nutrition Classes

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Group training can often be highly effective, offering:

  • Peer support
  • Affordable cost

Most classes are self-pay only. Contact the Nutritional Counseling Center for pricing and availability.

Group Classes & Workshops

Nourishing Resilience (NR) Basics

(previously Emotional Brain Training or EBT)

NR Basics provides 7 key skills useful for boosting stress resilience and turning down the drive to overeat. It’s based on brain science, stress science and attachment theory. Learn skills for health and balance!  We offer several options for NR training for individuals and groups, at corporate worksite settings or for employee wellness. 

Small group nutrition class
A small group nutrition class

Hoo's Losin' It?

This is a five-month weight and pre-diabetes management program available only to UVA Aetna insured employees or spouses. Participants experience an average of 5.5% weight loss and significantly improved exercise, healthful eating and lifestyle.

8 Weeks Towards Wellness

Mind-body skills for health and self-regulation of heart rate, blood pressure, weight and blood sugar. Review of nutrition, exercise activity, sleep and self-management skills. Group health coaching. Includes a weekly 1.5 hr class and one half-day retreat during the series. Intended for people with obesity, pre-diabetes or controlled diabetes. 

Strong Bones Workshop

Come learn the nutrition and lifestyle factors that help and hurt your bones and how to prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Kidney Care Classes

If you have kidney disease or are starting dialysis, these nutrition classes give you crucial guidance for caring for your kidneys.

Living With Diabetes

Nutrition serves a critical role in managing your diabetes. Get diet guidance and more with diabetes workshops, support groups and resources