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Your primary care provider — or PCP — is your main healthcare provider for non-emergency situations.

UVA's primary care providers take care of the general healthcare needs of children, adults and seniors. We do regular check-ups, immunizations and screenings and provide care for illnesses and injuries. And we'll coordinate your care if you need to see a specialist for a more serious health issue.

Why Choose Primary Care at UVA Health?

When you choose UVA Health primary care, you don’t just get excellent care. You get personal attention for routine and basic healthcare needs at a location in your community.

Connected to Experts

If and when you need it, you're part of a top academic medical center. That means you have access to:

  • Leading specialists
  • The latest high-tech care 
  • Advanced treatments and clinical trials
  • Expert second opinions

We also have specialists serving you, when you need:

Care Specific to Your Story

Healthcare isn't just about sickness. It's about wellness for your whole life. Find services to support:

We strive to keep you healthy, inside and out, with prevention & wellness programs as well as numerous support services.

Find a Local Clinic

You can choose from locations throughout central and Northern Virginia.

What Type of Primary Care Should You Choose?

Primary care is for your everyday health and wellness needs. Some types of primary care have a specific focus:

Learn about your clinic and virtual appointment options.