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Primary Care

Your primary care provider — or PCP — is your main healthcare provider for non-emergency situations.

UVA's primary care providers take care of the general healthcare needs of children, adults and seniors. We do regular check-ups, immunizations and screenings and provide care for illnesses and injuries. And we'll coordinate your care if you need to see a specialist for a more serious health issue.

Why Choose Primary Care at UVA?

When you choose a UVA primary care provider, you don’t just get excellent care and personal attention for routine and basic needs. You also get:

  • Convenient access to specialists, should you need it
  • The most technologically advanced care in central Virginia, including screenings for cancers and other disease
  • Treatments and procedures from the latest research breakthroughs

We offer convenient care in communities throughout central Virginia. Easy parking, same-day appointments and a hassle-free and friendly atmosphere.

Family Clinics Close to You

We have family medicine clinics throughout central Virginia, from Waynesboro to Louisa, from Culpeper to Forest Lakes, Stuarts Draft, Palmyra and beyond. Find a clinic now.

Planning & Senior Care

As well as treating you when you're sick or injured, primary care providers help you plan for surgeries, manage mental health and take care of yourself as you age.

Getting Ready to Play
Pediatricians provide primary care to children

Primary care providers take care of sports physicals and check-ups to make sure your child is ready for camp, school and fun.

Prevention & Wellness
OBGYN performing ultrasound

Primary care providers help you prevent and manage chronic diseases, like diabetes or heart disease, or work with you to increase and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Understanding Primary Care

Types of Primary Care

While all of these provide the same basic healthcare services, practices vary, depending on the patient type they see:

  • Family medicine: Primary care for the whole family
  • Internal medicine: Primary care for adults
  • Pediatricians: Primary care for children
  • Geriatricians: Primary care for seniors
  • OB-GYN: Primary care for women
  • Teen health: Primary care for adolescents 

Primary Care Providers

All of these providers are licensed to diagnose, treat patients, prescribe medications:

  • MD, doctor of medicine — offers traditional treatments
  • DO, doctor of osteopathic medicine — takes a holistic approach to treatment
  • MBBS, medical doctor — license earned overseas 
  • NP, nurse practitioner — usually specializes 
  • PA, physician assistant — trained for a variety of settings
you will meet different types of providers at UVA

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