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Gluten-free? Cholesterol-conscious? The Healthy Balance blog features recipes that can help you stick with diet restrictions or meet health goals. Try some of our favorites:

Food & Chronic Disease

Our nutritionists collaborate with you and your care team to help you develop a diet that enhances your well-being and promotes healing, no matter your personal health conditions.

Nutrition: Patient Education Resources

16129--Gastroparesis Diet Tips

Contains suggestions for diet changes to improve the symptoms of gastroparesis from Nutrition Services Dietitians. Short version of PE16076

16178--Nutrition and Ulcerative Colitis

Information about diet for people with ulcerative colitis from Nutrition Services

16165--Liquid Diet (Including High Calorie Tips)

Information about to get good nutrition while having a liquid diet from UVA Dietitians.

16170--Increasing Your Fiber Intake

Information about how to have more fiber in your diet from Nutrition Services

16158--Calcium and Vitamin D

Information from GI Nutrition about the importance of calcium and vitamin D in the diet and ways to increase intake

16181--Pureed Diet

Information about a diet where the food is ground, pressed and/or strained to a soft, smooth consistency from Nutrition Services.

16167--Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Information about diet suggestions for coping with the symptoms of IBS from Nutrition Services.

16004--Low Sodium Eating Tips

Information about eating less sodium for heart- and diabetes-healthy meals by Nutrition Services

16171--Managing Lactose Intolerance

Information about lactose (a sugar in dairy products) and problems people have digesting it from Nutrition Services.

16160--Easy to Chew and Swallow Diet

Information from GI Nutrition about a diet after having a stent placed in the GI tract or other reasons for eating foods that are easy to swallow

16182--Symptomatic Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Diet (SIBO)

Information about diet for too much bacteria in the small bowel or intestine from Nutrition Services,

16168--How to Increase Iron in Your Diet

Information about iron and diet from Nutrition Services

16119--Diet & Beverage Suggestions for Short Bowel Syndrome

Information for patients about diet for short Bowel Syndrome from GI Nutrition

16177--Nutrition and Crohn's Disease

Information about diet changes for people with Crohn's Disease from Nutrition Services

16163--Diet Tips for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Information about dietary changes to help with indigestion or heartburn from GI Nutrition.

16183--Ways to Maintain Weight (High Calorie Diet)

Information on ways to take in more calories from Nutrition Services

16169--Tips to Increase your Protein Intake

Information about how to get more protein from food and beverages from Nutrition Services.