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Gluten-free? Cholesterol-conscious? The Healthy Balance blog features recipes that can help you stick with diet restrictions or meet health goals. Try some of our favorites:

Food & Chronic Disease

Our nutritionists collaborate with you and your care team to help you develop a diet that enhances your well-being and promotes healing, no matter your personal health conditions.

Nutrition: Patient Education Resources

Tips to Increase your Protein Intake

Information about how to get more protein from food and beverages from UVA Dietitians.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Information about diet suggestions for coping with the symptoms of IBS from UVA Dietitians.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Information from UVA Dietitians about the importance of calcium and vitamin D in the diet and ways to increase intake.

Nutrition and Crohn's Disease

Information about diet changes for people with Crohn's Disease from UVA Dietitians.

Gastroparesis Diet Tips

Contains suggestions for diet changes to improve the symptoms of gastroparesis from UVA Dietitians.

Ways to Maintain Weight (High Calorie Diet)

Information on ways to take in more calories from UVA Dietitians.

Liquid Diet (Including High Calorie Tips)

Information about to get good nutrition while having a liquid diet from UVA Dietitians.

Diet & Beverage Suggestions for Short Bowel Syndrome

Information for patients about diet for short Bowel Syndrome from UVA Dietitians.

Nutrition and Ulcerative Colitis

Information about diet for people with ulcerative colitis from UVA Dietitians.

How to Increase Iron in Your Diet

Information about iron and diet from UVA Dietitians.

Low Sodium Eating Tips

Information about eating less sodium for heart- and diabetes-healthy meals by UVA Dietitians.

Diet Tips for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Information about dietary changes to help with indigestion or heartburn from UVA Dietitians.

Symptomatic Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Diet (SIBO)

Information about diet for too much bacteria in the small bowel or intestine from UVA Dietitians.

Increasing Your Fiber Intake

Information about how to have more fiber in your diet from UVA Dietitians.

Managing Lactose Intolerance

Information about lactose (a sugar in dairy products) and problems people have digesting it from UVA Dietitians.

Easy to Chew and Swallow Diet

Information from UVA Dietitians about a diet after having a stent placed in the GI tract or other reasons for eating foods that are easy to swallow.