Skin Cancer

With more than 3.5 million people diagnosed each year, skin cancer is among the most common types of cancer.

At UVA, we treat skin cancers with advanced expertise that is constantly evolving.

    The Facts About Skin Cancer

    A little sun is good for you – sunlight triggers your body to produce the essential nutrient vitamin D. But you only need a few minutes of sun per day to make the necessary vitamin D, which isn’t enough time to tan or burn your skin. Suntans are your body’s way of protecting itself from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight that cause most skin cancers.

    Learn more about what you can do to prevent dermis cancer.

    Conditions We Treat

    • Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
    • Kaposi’s sarcoma
    • Melanoma
    Spotlight on Melanoma

    UVA Cancer Center is a world leader in the development and testing of innovative treatment modalities for melanoma, including vaccines for treatment and prevention of recurrence of the disease. Our work in this area represents one part of a comprehensive program of FDA-approved and experimental treatments for melanoma.

    Patients can participate in clinical trials of these vaccines and other promising therapies through the Human Immune Therapy Center (HITC) at UVA Cancer Center. HITC studies how the body’s immune system can be used to kill cancer. It also provides national leadership in testing new therapies and bringing them into practice.