Spinal Fusion With Instrumentation

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Spinal fusion joins together (fuses) 2 or more spine bones (vertebrae). 

Spinal fusion treats many spine conditions, including:

Spinal Fusion at UVA Health

Spinal fusion is part of the full range of expert spine care you can access at UVA Health. Our experienced surgeons have extra training in both:

Minimally invasive surgery uses techniques that help you recover faster with less pain. Our expertise in spinal deformity means we're prepared to handle even the most complex cases.

We'll match you to the best type of spinal fusion for your body and specific condition. 

Spinal Fusion Procedure

The surgery mimics the way pieces of a broken bone heal back together. 

We use a bone graft to seal the vertebrae together. The bone may come from your own body (autograft) or a donor (allograft). We also use instrumentation to stabilize your spine. This can include implants like rods, screws, plates, and other devices. 

In some cases, we can use custom implants made to fit your body. These devices are less likely to fail and do a better job aligning your spine. You can't find this advanced technology everywhere.