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Spine Care: Neck & Back Pain Relief

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Dealing with neck or back pain is hard. It makes your favorite activities difficult or impossible. And it can interfere with work and your daily routine.  

You’ve tried at-home treatments like pain relievers, rest, heat, and ice, but they haven’t worked. You’re frustrated. And you have lots of questions: What’s causing my pain? How do I get relief? Do I need surgery? 

Why UVA Health for Spine Care

At UVA Health, we have the expertise to treat even the most complex spine conditions with the very latest treatments and technology. Our experienced providers perform more than 1,500 spine procedures each year. We offer a full range of both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. We’ll work with you to build a personalized care plan for lasting neck or back pain relief.

Due to our excellent outcomes, leading surgical techniques, and cutting-edge research, Becker’s Hospital Review has recognized UVA Health as one of the nation’s top 70 spine programs.

Diagnosing Your Spine Condition  

Getting neck or back pain relief starts with finding the root cause. An accurate diagnosis helps us match you with the best treatment.  

We’ll start with talking about your symptoms, including when they started and what makes them better or worse. Imaging tests also help us pinpoint what’s going on. These might include X-ray or MRI.  

Get a Second Opinion

It’s important to feel confident about your diagnosis and treatment plan. If you’re unsure, we can provide a second set of eyes. We’ll make sure you have a correct diagnosis and the best treatment plan for neck or back pain relief.  

Get Neck & Back Pain Relief Without Surgery 

Many people don’t need surgery for their spine condition. At UVA Health, we offer many nonsurgical treatment options, including: 

  • Physical therapy 
  • Pain injections and procedures 
  • Nerve stimulators 

We were one of the first centers in Virginia to offer basivertebral nerve ablation for lower back pain. For many patients, this reduces their pain by 75-100% for 5 or more years. 

Learn more about spine care without surgery.  

Find Spine Surgery Experts 

Sometimes nonsurgical treatments don’t stop your pain and restore your quality of life. In those cases, spine surgery can deliver lasting neck or back pain relief.   

Less-Invasive Surgery Skills

At UVA Health, we offer spine surgery options you won’t find everywhere. Our spine surgeons have extra training in minimally invasive techniques. Whenever possible, we use muscle-sparing procedures to avoid cutting through muscle. And we make smaller incisions to make your recovery easier.  

Expertise in Complex Care

We also take the toughest cases. Our surgeons have the training and skills needed to perform the most complex spine surgeries.   

In fact, centers throughout the mid-Atlantic often send their most challenging cases to us. We have the expertise to treat patients who were told they weren’t candidates for surgery by other centers.   

Advanced Program for Your Recovery

Additionally, we have a special program to make healing easier. Learn about our Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program.