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Vertebroplasty is an acrylic cement your doctor injects into a fractured and collapsed vertebra (spinal bone). It can relieve pain from osteoporotic or pathologic vertebral compression fractures.

When a bone or vertebrae in your spine fractures, it can put pressure on surrounding nerves. This can cause intense pain and disability.

How We Perform Vertebroplasty

Your doctor numbs and sterilizes your skin over the fractured bone. Your doctor then passes a hollow needle into the vertebra and injects the cement into the fractured bone. Your doctor will watch the cement as it enters the bone and check for leaks.

The procedure takes about 40 minutes to two hours. You may feel some initial pain due to lying on your stomach, but many notice immediate and significant relief from pain.

Immediately After Vertebroplasty

You may have a CT scan to confirm the position of the cement. You will stay on your stomach for about 10-20 minutes, which allows the cement to harden. Your doctor will then move you to a recovery room where you’ll lie on your back for another hour.

Unless you have complications, you will usually only need to stay in the hospital for a few hours.