Stroke Recovery

Our specialized care can help speed your recovery.

Stroke Recovery Expertise

    Our Nerancy Neuro Intensive Care Unit (NNICU) provides state-of-the-art care:

    • Intensive observation and monitoring following a stroke
    • Special care as your recover from brain or spine surgery

    Our Stroke Unit provides high-standard care to help you recover from a stroke, including:

    • Digital systems for tracking your heart functions
    • Specially trained staff to help you with everything from returning to work to dealing with social and medical issues. Our staff includes:
      • Physical therapists
      • Occupational therapists
      • Speech therapists
      • Social workers
      • Case managers 

    Ongoing Stroke Rehab

    We offer stroke rehabilitation services, including an extensive range of services to help you return home with maximum function and independence:

    Medication After Stroke

    Treatment after immediate care aims to:

    • Reduce the chance of later strokes
    • Improve function affected by the stroke
    • Overcome disabilities
    • Decrease blood pressure
    • Correct irregular heart rhythms

    Your doctor may recommend aspirin and other medications that decrease the risk of blood clot formation after immediate care is done. 

    Supportive care may also include:

    • Oxygen therapy
    • Precautions to prevent choking

    Stroke Prevention Procedures After a First Stroke

    These techniques treat the narrowing of the brain's blood vessels, preventing more strokes:

    • Carotid endarterectomy (CEA) — fatty deposits are removed from major arteries in the neck.
    • Carotid angioplasty and stenting — a procedure to widen and support the major artery in the neck with a mesh tube. The procedure will help open the artery and allow better blood flow.

    Support from Peers & Providers

    Stroke Comeback Club

    Stroke survivors and caregivers meet each month to hear presentations and share their experiences about stroke recovery, coping and prevention. Call 434.244.2114.

    When: Fourth Wednesday of every month, noon-1 p.m. (lunch provided)

    Where: UVA Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital

    Stroke Support Group

    Join providers from UVA and The Colonnades - Sunrise Senior Living Center as we focus on stroke education and prevention topics relevant to survivors or caregivers. Email for more information.

    When: First Wednesday of every month, 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. 

    Where: 2600 Barracks Road in the Monroe Room (first floor, across from the library)