Hernia Repair

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You just found out you need surgery for your hernia. You’re dealing with pain. Depending on where your hernia is, you may have swelling, heartburn, trouble swallowing, or constipation.

On top of that, you’re working through lots of questions: Where to go for care? How long you’ll be away from work? How much it will cost?

At UVA Health, we have answers to these questions and more. We’ll help you understand what comes before, during, and after surgery, so your hernia repair and recovery go as smoothly as possible.

Hernia Repair at UVA Health

Here, you’ll find fellowship-trained general surgeons who are experts in hernia repair surgeries, from routine to complex. We treat all types of hernia, including: 

  • Hiatal 
  • Inguinal
  • Femoral
  • Incisional

Hernias happen when an organ or tissue pushes (herniates) through a hole in your body into an area where it shouldn’t be. It passes through a weak spot in your muscle or tissue into your chest, abdomen, or groin.

Our general surgeons repair hernias by carefully pushing the herniated organ or tissue back through the hole. That puts it back where it’s supposed to be. Then they’ll use stitches or mesh to close the hole.

Hernia repair surgery relieves your pain and other symptoms. And it keeps the hernia from coming back.

Advanced Repair Techniques

Whenever possible, our surgeons offer robotic and/or minimally invasive hernia repair. Robotic surgery helps our surgeons be more precise. Minimally invasive surgery means we make a few small cuts (incisions) instead of one large cut. This helps you recover faster with less pain.

Complex Repair

Our surgeons have the training and experience needed to repair complex hernias with abdominal wall reconstruction surgery. We’ll carefully separate the layers of your abdominal wall and move them back into their natural position. We may recommend this procedure if your hernia is large or you had a hernia that came back.

Hernia Repair Close to Home

Whether routine or complex, you don’t have to travel far for your hernia repair. At UVA Health, we perform this surgery in Charlottesville, Culpeper, and Northern Virginia.

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