Therapy Services

Surgery, injury, or illness — these can take a toll on your quality of life. Rehabilitation (rehab) therapy can get you back to your routine — and enjoying life more.

Our therapy services can help relieve your pain and increase your strength and flexibility — and so much more.

Why Choose Therapy Services at UVA Health?

Our services are on the leading edge of rehab techniques. All designed with your needs in mind. 

You'll work with experts who use the:

  • Most advanced equipment 
  • Latest therapies to speed your recovery

Certified and accredited, our therapists see patients of all ages. They specialize in pain management and are specifically trained to help you recover from disabilities. These can be related to cancer, heart attack, stroke, brain injuries, and speech and hearing difficulties.

Hospital-Based Therapy for a Better Recovery

You may need therapy after an injury or illness.

To get you ready to leave the hospital, our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists can help:

  • Improve your function
  • Get you back to doing daily activities

We also provide patient and family education so you understand your condition. This means you'll have the greatest potential to make a full recovery, plus know how to avoid further disability.

Physical Therapy Scheduled Around You

Our physical therapists offer evaluation and treatment to help improve your mobility, balance, coordination and musculoskeletal problems — all scheduled around you. Learn more about our physical therapy programs.

Regain Your Independence with Occupational Therapy

Physical injury or disease can take away your independence. Our comprehensive occupational therapy programs use a team approach to help you return to your everyday tasks and activities.