Speech Therapy

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When an illness or cancer affects your throat or vocal cords, you’ll likely need more than medical treatment alone. These problems can affect your ability to swallow, speak and sing naturally and without pain. At UVA, you have access to the high level of expertise in speech therapy you need to find your voice again.

Our specialized care can help you return to activities like eating, drinking, talking with friends and singing, for fun or at a professional level.

Simplified, Streamlined Appointments

You won’t need to schedule additional visits in order to receive this extra level of care. We work in an environment with a variety of specialists, so you can get all the evaluations you need in a single visit.

Speech Therapy Teams Focused on You

We approach your unique health needs as a team, collaborating with voice specialists and other ENT experts to explore and develop the best treatment plan for each individual.

Conditions We Treat

  • Artificial larynx/laryngectomy
  • Chronic cough
  • Tracheoesophageal puncture(TEP) voice prosthesis
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Voice disorders
Unique Speech Therapies

Transgender Voice Modification

Trans men and trans women wanting to alter the way they speak and sound can benefit from our supportive and highly specialized vocal training. We’re one of a handful of voice centers in the area offering transgender voice modification.

After Larynx Removal

We have one of only a few voice centers in Virginia serving people after a full or partial larynx removal, or laryngectomy. Our specialists provide evaluation, therapy and training to patients before and after surgery, as well as with TEP (tracheoesophageal puncture) voice prostheses.

Singers & Voice Care

Singers and other voice professionals need to maintain vocal health. We offer an environment that includes a dedicated voice specialist, a unique service in the area. We also provide video stroboscopic assessments during the clinic visit.