Virtual Visits: Care By Video and Phone

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When you can't make it to the clinic in person, you can still get care. Virtual visits (having an appointment with a healthcare provider by video or phone call) offer a safe and convenient way to see a UVA Health provider, without leaving home.

Talk with your healthcare provider to see if they offer appointments via:

  • Video (online, on your phone, tablet, or computer)
  • Phone calls

What Services Can I Get by Video or Phone?

You'll need to ask your provider if your condition is treatable through a video or phone visit. Some medical issues require in-person appointments. Virtual visits work best for:

  • Routine wellness checks
  • Follow-up after surgery
  • Check-ins about prescriptions
  • Mental health and therapy
  • Reviewing test results

Ask your provider if you can schedule a virtual visit by:

  • Calling the clinic 
  • Sending a message via MyChart

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Find out about our virtual urgent care option.

using mychart for virtual visits

MyChart: Your Record, Test Results, and More

MyChart gives you an easy, secure way to connect with your providers. Use the website or app to send messages. You can schedule both in-person and virtual appointments. 

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