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Change of Heart

Presented by a physician and registered dietitian, this comprehensive program aims to reduce your employees’ risk of cardiovascular disease by addressing:

  • The cause and risk of heart disease
  • Healthy exercise and eating habits
  • Medications and working with one’s doctor
  • Maintaining healthy habits
  • Practical tips to help each participant set and act upon health-improving goals

Couch to 5K

We designed this safe, progressive running class to:  

  • Work for those with lapsed, little or no running experience
  • Occur twice weekly
  • Include proper warm up, cool down and stretching instruction
  • Get you enjoying running in no time

Eat Well

Designed to improve weight, health and fitness, this program, for 15-15 participants, includes:

  • Six weekly classes, scheduled for your group, at your location
  • 30 minutes of nutrition 
  • 20 minutes of exercise
  • Pre- and post-fitness testing

Exercise on the Cheap

This interactive, how-to, introductory exercise class taught by a health educator.

  • Provides an economical approach and baseline instruction to start an effective exercise program without the need for special equipment
  • Basic exercise routines including strength exercises and stretches to kickstart your exercise program

Exercise for the Real World

Adaptable to beginners and experts, this program helps you:

  • Explore the benefits of aerobic, strength and stretch exercises
  • Lean how to use interval training to improve overall results
  • Understand how to fit effective exercise into small, frequent blocks of time

Steps Plus

Stretch your limbs, strengthen your heart and put a smile on your face with this program.

  • Guided, 15-minute energy boost class meets twice weekly for six weeks.
  • No equipment needed, except walking shoes.
  • Weather will dictate an outdoor or indoor route that accommodates all.

Virtual Steps

To participate, individuals or groups:

  • Walk on their own two days each week for 15 minutes
  • Report steps count each week to the UVA-WorkMed team
  • Can compete with other work areas


This how-to, interactive flexibility class:

  • Focuses on injury prevention and improved exercise performance
  • Introduces general benefits of stretching and specific stretches for walking program

Well at Work

This six-week, online program for improving eating and exercise habits offers:

  • Weekly videos to view at your convenience
  • Support, motivation and encouragement through weekly emails and links



Single-Session Health/Wellness Presentations 

(45 – 60 minutes each)

Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer and disabler in the developed world, for both men and women. Untold hours of lost productivity and costs of healthcare occur due to this health risk. Simple dietary measures have been proven to reduce high blood pressure, one of the leading risk factors. Participants learn how to implement these simple measures, as well as the role of fats, fiber, fruits and vegetables in keeping the heart healthy. The goal is to achieve a healthy balance in daily eating habits.

Health on the Road

This class is designed for people on the run — whether on the road daily or for extended amounts of time. We introduce practical tips to protect and enhance health while eating anywhere from a high-end restaurant to a fast food drive-through. Class can be tailored to the specific needs of the group.

Holiday Eating 101

Learn how to avoid the “seasonal seven” weight gain with delicious food, stress busters and activity ideas.

Smart Snacks

The when, why, where and what of smart snacks. Test your knowledge of portion size. Sample some surprisingly delicious smart snacks. Plan your smart snack future. Win a take-away snack item.

Vim, Vigor & Vitality

An interactive nutrition and exercise session to teach five simple food truths and three types of exercise that can be done in ten-minute segments. Class participants learn how ten minutes of exercise, 15 times per week — with focus, can improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. An emphasis is placed on intensity and correct technique. This class will also cover easy, important steps to improve personal, daily nutrition. Participants will briefly exercise, but no change of clothes is necessary.

W2O = Work Workout

Did you know that doing your best at work depends on a work work-out? Come learn how to improve your energy and health while you are at work. Moving regularly with your body’s natural inclinations and giving just a few minutes throughout your day makes you more productive. In this class, we’ll show you why and how adding some movement into your work day can improve your energy, attitude, concentration, and health. Take the class, and then repeat at work.



Coaching: Chronic Care

Chronic Care Coaching aims to help improve your health and well-being by managing chronic health conditions like:

  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Morbid obesity

This program is:

  • Free
  • For UVA team members and their family members
  • Available, even if you aren’t on the Aetna insurance plan

The chronic care coach:

  • Triages all potential clients
  • Provides short-term coaching
  • Facilitates referrals to other resources including

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