Workplace Health: FAQs

Make An Appointment

Does WorkMed offer walk-in appointments? 

For on the job injuries, yes. All other services require an appointment.

How does WorkMed differ from Employee Health?

UVA-WorkMed is a comprehensive occupational health program dedicated to serving the occupational health needs of University of Virginia academic division employees (Agency 207), HSF employees, and privately contracted companies

UVA Employee Health is the Medical Center's comprehensive employee health program dedicated to serving the employee health needs of Medical Center employees (Agency 209), medical residents, contractual Nutrition Services, and contractual Environmental Services and all other Medical Center contracted workers.

Can I automatically receive any/all health and medical services offered through UVA-WorkMed?

No.  Services available depend upon the agreement UVA-WorkMed has with the University of Virginia, specific departments, or the company you work for. Find out the services you can access by calling WorkMed.

What if I am injured on the job while working at UVA? 

  • First report the injury to your supervisor
  • To receive medical treatment, you can visit either Employee Health or WorkMed clinics.

Visit the Emergency Department if either:

  • You have a severe injury
  • You get injured outside of our business hours— 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Where do I go for UVA-required TB screening?

Either UVA-WorkMed or UVA Employee Health.