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Blood Cancer Treatment

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Getting a leukemia, lymphoma, or bone marrow cancer diagnosis can be frightening. Your body feels weak and sick. It's hard to know where to go for the best blood cancer treatment.

Treating blood cancer takes experience, expertise, compassion, and collaboration. You'll find all of this and more at UVA Health.

Why UVA Health for Blood Cancer Treatment

UVA Health is Virginia's first National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. This title honors our leadership in cancer research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. 

You can rely on UVA Health to use highly advanced tools. You'll get the right diagnoses as soon as possible. And we bring you the newest life-saving therapies through clinical trials.

Learn more about why you should choose a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Team Expertise

We have decades of experience in blood cancer. We're dedicated to your care. View blood cancer transcript.

Blood Cancer Treatment Expertise

UVA Health helped develop some of the latest blood cancer treatments. These include therapies that target cancer without hurting healthy cells.

You'll get access to innovations that include:

As an academic research center, our highly-trained providers work with diligent researchers to offer personalized treatment plans.

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Equity Spotlight

We're working to end blood cancer's greater toll on the Black community by making sure everyone who needs a stem cell transplant can get one. 

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Get a Second Opinion for Your Blood Cancer

Which treatment will work for you depends on your condition and health. If it turns out you need treatment from another institution, we'll make sure you get it. It's about finding what's best for each patient.

Feel confident about your care. We offer second opinions on both diagnoses and treatment plans. 

Find Experts Who Care

We're invested in helping every patient we see recover and thrive.

Our people offer:

  • Deep experience
  • A team-based approach
  • Specialists in every major form of blood cancer
  • Compassionate, welcoming support services
  • A calming, healing environment without the added stress of a city

We also:

Bruce and husband stand at the door of the UVA Cancer Center, visiting for a checkup on lymphoma treatment.

Be Like Bruce

Bruce came to UVA Health for lymphoma treatment. What he learned along the way can help anyone facing a scary health crisis.

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