Blood cells

Blood Cancer

UVA has accelerated its expertise in the treatment of cancers of the blood, marrow and lymphatic systems.

Multi-Disciplinary Team of Hematology Experts

  • Our team includes:

    • Hematopathologists, experts in identifying and diagnosing blood cancer
    • Hematologists, dedicated nurses and social workers

    The whole hematology team considers each patient’s long-term, follow-up care a top priority. 

LGL Leukemia Program

Our LGL Leukemia Program offers patients access to:

  • Advanced treatment options
  • Clinical trials 
  • Participation in the LGL Leukemia Registry, a research database exclusive to UVA 

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For Advanced Disease

UVA Stem Cell Transplant Program

For patients with high-risk and life-threatening blood diseases, we provide treatment options that increase the likelihood of survival in our Stem Cell Transplant Program.

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