DigniCap®: Save Your Hair

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Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer can result in hair loss. To help limit this side effect, we offer an effective scalp-cooling treatment called DigniCap.

When Hair Loss Happens

The negative effects of hair loss from chemotherapy can include:

  • Reduced self-esteem
  • Loss of privacy — baldness makes your cancer public
  • Your hair never growing back
  • Your hair growing back, but looking very different

DigniCap does not completely stop hair loss. However, patients find that it keeps their hair loss from being noticeable and obvious.   

Hair Saver: How the DigniCap Works

A silicone cap connects to a control unit that circulates a coolant. Cooling your scalp minimizes the flow of blood carrying chemotherapy drugs to the roots of your hair.

Getting Treated

Patients wear the cap:

  • 30 minutes before infusion
  • During infusion therapy
  • Up to three hours after infusion, depending on the type of chemotherapy

Possible Barriers to Using a DigniCap

This treatment does come with:

  • Costs: Not yet covered by insurance, you have to pay yourself
  • Time: You’ll need to sit for long periods of time
  • Risks: After treatment, using hair dye or other chemicals will cause hair loss