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Breast Cancer Treatment

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Find breast cancer treatment tailored to your needs. We have options that preserve your body while saving your life.

At UVA Health, you'll find more expertise and knowledge than other regional programs. We've even earned special recognition

Why Choose UVA Health for Breast Cancer Treatment

We care for each patient as an individual. The latest technology, medical and surgical expertise, and a variety of support services help you every step of the way. Our program offers a thorough treatment approach that you won’t find anywhere else in the region.

UVA Breast Care Center: Frequently Asked Questions

UVA's Breast Care Center, located in Albemarle County, is designed to make it easier for patients to access coordinated breast care in a single, convenient location. From mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy, to survivorship, genetics, and infusion, almost all breast care services provided by UVA will be available to patients in a single visit. View Breast Care Center transcript.

    Breast Cancer Surgery

    Sometimes, breast cancer means surgery. Have your breasts treated with care. Our skilled experts both remove and rebuild breast tissue. Services include:


    Our board-certified breast cancer doctors treat breast cancer with:

    • Chemo
    • Radiation
    • Immunotherapy
    • Hormones

    Find out how we treat breast cancer with medicine.


    All types of radiation aren't the same. How it's given can make it more or less effective. At UVA, we have some of the most advanced technology you can find. And you can join clinical trials for faster results.

    Get Support From Survivors

    The Cancer Peer Support Program connects survivors and current patients. Cancer survivors share their experiences and insights with people going through treatment now. We also welcome caregivers to take part.

    Want to give or receive peer support? Fill out the peer support interest form.

    Your Breast Cancer Care Team

    At UVA Health, you'll find highly trained, highly specialized healthcare professionals all in one place. That means multiple experts will review your treatment plan for the most detailed and efficient care.

    A care coordinator will be your first point of contact during all steps of your care. Our care coordinators are experienced breast cancer nurses. They'll help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

    Our diverse, specialized care team includes:

    • Radiologists - focused only on breast imaging
    • Surgeons - who have dedicated their careers to treating breast disease
    • Medical and radiation oncologists - specialized in breast cancer treatment
    • Pathologists - specialized in breast cancer diagnosis
    • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons - with expertise in breast reconstruction
    • Nurse practitioners - specifically trained in breast cancer
    • Genetic counselors - for hereditary cancer consultations
    • Psychologists and social workers - to help you through every aspect of your cancer treatment
    • Dedicated wig stylists and certified mastectomy fitters