Breast Cancer Treatment

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Find breast cancer treatment tailored to your needs. We have options that preserve your body while saving your life.

At UVA, you'll find more expertise and knowledge than other regional programs. We've even earned special recognition

Breast Cancer Treatment Surgery

Sometimes, breast cancer means surgery. Have your breasts treated with care. Our skilled experts both remove and rebuild breast tissue. Services include:


Our board-certified breast cancer doctors treat breast cancer with:

  • Chemo
  • Radiation
  • Immunotherapy
  • Hormones

Find out how we treat breast cancer with medicine.


All types of radiation aren't the same. How it's given can make it more or less effective. At UVA, we have some of the most advanced technology you can find. And you can join clinical trials for faster results.

Simple & Effective
iort clinical trial

Just have one procedure, not several. This treatment combines targeted radiation with surgery. 

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Support Groups & Tools
Find a support group today

Find things to do, people to talk to, and help with difficult details. We have support services to guide you through treatment.

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Save Your Hair
New technology may help save hair during treatment

Losing your hair can hurt your sense of self. This technology helps prevent hair loss. Feel better during cancer treatment. 

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You can buy wigs, bras and other special accessories at the convenient, supportive Flourish boutique.

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